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Search for matters that have a specified status.

You can search for matters that have a specified status. To search by status, click the Status tab.

Searching by Status

The Status tab includes the following fields.



Select at Least One Status

Select one or more items from the list of matter statuses. To select more than one item, hold down the [CTRL] key when making selections.

Look In

Specify whether you want to search for matters that are Open, Closed, or Both.

Filter On

Specify matters to include in the search by filtering on the following categories:

  • Legal Hierarchy - Specified on the Type/Keyword page of a matter.
  • Product - Specified on the Product page of a matter.
  • Division - Specified on the Business Unit page of a matter.

To filter by each category, click one of the buttons. From the drop-down menu that appears, select an option from the list. Click status_search_filterby_x.gif to return to the three category buttons.

Click the Search button after entering the search criteria.

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