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Matter-Level Rate Card

Administrative users of the Legal department and matter leads can enable rate cards for vendor staff members/timekeepers at the matter level. While most rate cards are generated for timekeepers from the vendor page for the fiscal year, a matter-level rate card can help the Legal department manage timekeeper discounts for a specific matter.

Important Note: Settings for a rate card applied at the matter level take precedence over the settings of an individual timekeeper's or firm's rate card. Matter-level rate cards inherit the firm's currency of preference.

To add a matter-level rate card:

From within the selected matter, navigate to the Firms & Vendors tab.

Click the matter level rate card icon icon in the Firms/Vendors table. You can add a matter-level rate card for the firm or for the timekeeper. Your site administrator must have the matter-level rate card switch turned on in Application Administration.

Matter-Level Rate Card Icon

  1. Choose a fiscal year from the "For Fiscal Year" drop-down list.
  2. Select a radio button radio button to restrict to fee items only, restrict to disbursement/other items only, or authorize all LEDES categories.
  3. Enter a basic rate in the data field.
  4. Click Set Rate to confirm.

Rate card information is categorized by code, description, type, rate and approval.

Set Rate

Once the rate has been set, a notice appears confirming that the request has been processed. Click Here to adjust or add specific rates for the matter-level rate card.

Note: If a matter is deleted, all associated matter-level rate cards are automatically deleted as well.

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