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Edit Matter-Level Rate Card

Specific rates for matter-level rate cards can be adjusted by Legal team members with appropriate permissions to the matter.

From the Firms & Vendors tab, select the matter-level rate card icon. Choose to set the rate card at the firm level  by selecting either the icon next to the firm name, or set a rate card at the timekeeper level by selecting the icon next to the timekeeper's name. If there is already a matter-level rate card for the current fiscal year, users are directed to that rate card by default. If there is no rate card for the current or selected fiscal year, users are prompted to create one.

Matter-Level Rate Card Icon

To see rate cards for different fiscal years, select an option from the "For Fiscal Year" drop-down list at the top right, then click List.

To add an individual rate to the existing LEDES codes rates:

  1. Use the drop-down list under Add a Specific Rate for [Fiscal Year] to select your desired LEDES code.
  2. Use the buttons By CodeBy Title, and By Group to change the options that are generated in the drop-down list.
  3. Type a rate in the "Rate" text box.
  4. Click Save.
    Edit Matter-Level Rate Card

Edit specific rates by clicking the orange edit icon icon or the blue LEDES code. The rate card item information displays to the right. Type a new rate into the "Adjust Rate" text box, then click Save.

  • Click Archive Record to move the rate to the archive table. Confirm by clicking OK in the pop-up window, or Cancel to return without making changes. The archived rate shows up in red text (shown below).
  • Click Delete Rate to permanently delete the individual rate. Confirm by clicking OK in the pop-up window, or Cancel to return without making changes. The deleted rate is no longer displayed.
    Archive or Delete Matter-Level Rate Card
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