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4.0 Release Notes


Collaborati UI Refresh

Enhancement: Apply Updated CSS and images files
Additional Information: New CSS files have been applied to Collaborati to enhance the user experience. The following changes have been made:

  • New Updated Color Scheme
  • Improved Form Design (Bigger input and select boxes with curvy corners)
  • Improved Imagery (Consistency in icon coloring)
  • Improved Typography (Usage of Roboto font style)
  • Better sizing and spacing (More padding, white space)
  • Improved Wizard Style (Better  and modern looking wizards)
  • Enhanced and larger sized buttons
  • Contrasting Navigation Bar
  • Improved Error and Success Notifications. (needs additional code changes)
  • The changes affect the whole application and not a specific area in particular

Tracking Code: COLL-13357

M-Admin Tool: Timekeeper Merge through Collaborati UI

Customer Success Center Article:

Enhancement: A new page exists under Firms where Mitratech Admins can select "Merge Timekeepers" and go to a page where they can upload the excel file indicating which Timekeepers to merge under what Firms.
Tracking Code: COLL-13400

Enhancement: Create the upload page where the Timekeeper merge file can be processed.
Additional Information: When a Mitratech Admin clicks on "Merge Timekeepers" on the Firms page, they are brought to this page where they can browse for and upload the file to merge Timekeepers.
Tracking Code: COLL-13402

Enhancement: An M-Admin can upload a zip file with more than one excel document returned by Firms for the Timekeeper merge.
Tracking Code: COLL-13401

Enhancement: Collaborati will process excel files to merge Timekeepers specified in the excel file based on their grouping.
Tracking Code: COLL-13403 

Enhancement: M-Admin can check on the status on the file queue for the Timekeeper merge files.
Tracking Code: COLL-13404

Enhancement: Through a table in the UI, an M-Admin can see the status of the Timekeeper Merge File updated.
Additional Information:  The status table information includes Upload On (timestamp), File Name, Status, % Complete, # Timekeepers, # Timekeepers Processed, Time Elapsed, Remaining Time, Log File, Error and Uploaded By.
Tracking Code: COLL-13407

Enhancement: The status table shows data to indicate how the timekeeper merge is progressing.
Additional Information:  The data fields include total number of Timekeepers, Total Number of Timekeeper Records Processed, Time Elapsed Since the Processing Started, Remaining Time Estimation, Percentage Complete, Firm Name, File Name (link), Upload Timestamp, Uploaded By and Status (Processing, Done, To Be Processed).
Tracking Code: COLL-13622

Enhancement: The status table includes a link to a log file for the Timekeeper merge. 
Additional Information: The log file includes all information associated with the data merge like Timekeeper IDs, Invoice IDs, Rate Request IDs, Rate Item IDs, Tenders, Budgets, Clients, etc) and the log will capture the application errors and the audit trail of the changes made.  
Tracking Code: COLL-13405

Enhancement: After the Timekeeper merge file is uploaded, the duplicate Timekeeper records are merged and the fields on the Default Timekeeper record are updated, the file processing will look for values in the Client-Specific Timekeeper Record fields. If values are populated, the Client-Specific Timekeeper fields will be created/updated for the associated Default Timekeeper with the data from those fields.
Additional Information: Even in the case where Timekeeper duplicate records are not getting merged or default Timekeeper data is blank, if there is new data in the excel file with Client-Specific Timekeeper information for a timekeeper, that Timekeeper record will still get updated. 
Tracking Code: COLL-13826

Enhancement: After the Timekeeper merge file is uploaded and the duplicates with a Default Timekeeper are merged, if there are any fields with any new or updated data for a Timekeeper record, the fields in that Timekeeper record will be updated.
Tracking Code: COLL-13571

Enhancement: If the file processing has any errors, the M-Admin can download an excel with the Timekeeper data which did not get merged. The excel file will include an error column containing the error for either a Timekeeper merge attempt and a Timekeeper data update.
Tracking Code: COLL-13406

Invoice Data Export

Customer Success Center Articles:

Enhancement: Invoice search across all Firm Offices
Additional Information: Firm Admins need the ability to export invoice data across multiple Firm Offices and often for the entire Firm (all Offices). On the Track Invoices page, Firm Admins and Firm Users can search invoices across some or all Firm Offices.
Tracking Code: COLL-13577

Enhancement: Export Invoice Details to CSV
Additional Information: On the Track Invoices page, after searching for invoices, a Firm Admin can select the "Export Invoice Details" link to export that search view of invoices to CSV. The CSV export allows a Firm Admin to export more than 1000 records (a current limitation on PDF and Excel exports).
Tracking Code: COLL-13433

Enhancement: A Firm Admin can export invoice data from the Track Invoices screen. The number of records that will be exported depends on the search results from search filters used.
Additional Information: The search filters determine which invoices will be exported but all the invoice fields will be included in the export. The fields are not configurable.
Tracking Code: COLL-13578


Enhancement: When searching for a Timekeeper with a client specific profile, there is a new filter called "Client Specific Timekeeper ID".
Additional Information: The filter only applies to Timekeeper records with a Client Specific Timekeeper profile that has the TK ID field populated. If a Timekeeper ID is supplied as part of the search, the Client Specific Timekeeper ID filter will not work - search can only be filtered by one or the other. Known Issue: export will still export all Timekeepers associated with that office, not just the list narrowed down by client specific profile.
Tracking Code: COLL-13551

Enhancement: Collaborati will not allow Vendor Users or Vendor Admins to log in
Additional Information: The following user types are allowed to log into Collaborati: Firm User, Firm Admin, M-Support Admin, M-Admin. If a user tries to log in with another user type that is not supported, they will receive the error message "No User Account Found".
Tracking Code: COLL-13641

Enhancement: During Automated TK Merge - throw an error when merging Timekeepers with the same Office-Client association with a Pending Approval on Invoices or Rate Requests.
Tracking Code: COLL-14000

Bug Fixes

Issue: Firm Office submitted a LEDES file with a cl_matter_id (Client Matter ID). Collaborati accepted the invoice without validating that field was not NULL. This left the invoice in a state of "waiting for client acceptance" in Collaborati but it is unable to be seen in the ELM software.
Additional Information:  This is happening on a LEDES 2000 file. The other supported LEDES file types already validate that client_matter_id is not NULL. Added the same validation for LEDES 2000 file types.
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-13575
Case Number: 2020-0721-625824

Issue: When a LEDES98Biv2 file was uploaded, there was an error but a meaningful error was not displayed. The system threw the error "Nothing found to display."
Additional Information: In this case LINE_ITEM_TAX_TYPE was missing and 'International Line Item Tax Detail' was enabled. If that field is missing in the future for this LEDES type, a more meaningful error message will display that says "LINE_ITEM_TAX_TYPE is missing. Tax type is required for taxes."
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-12515
Case Number: 2020-0226-589045

Issue: Firm Users login information does not appear to be recorded in the History. It is in there but very difficult to find.
Additional Information: When a Firm Admin logs in and navigates to the History page then selects the category as User, all firm level users from all Firm Offices will be in the results regardless of the selected Office.
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-13216
Case Number: 2020-0611-618499

Issue: Rate sharing was not working as of Collaborati 3.13 but is fixed in Collaborati 4.0.
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-14025
Case Number: 2020-0831-634333

Issue: Removed the Vendor level setting that restricts email to a domain.
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-12990
Case Number: 2020-0424-600732

Known Issues

This known issue applies to the tool that allows manual merge of timekeepers and to the batch merge timekeepers in the Collaborati UI.

Issue:  For two Timekeepers associated to the same Firm Office and when merging those Timekeepers, if there are any pending invoices or pending rate requests attached to the timekeeper record being merged:

  • that Timekeeper record will be deleted in CSM on the client's side
  • but the pending records would not be deleted nor would they be associated to the correct Default Timekeeper. 

Additional Information: 

  • If there are any objects in the pending state (like invoices or rate requests pending client authorization) for tk2 before it got merged, we will not be able to update them in the client systems because they already got synced
  • There will be an inconsistency(around the associated Timekeeper) for these objects between the client's system and Collaborati. The client system would have tk2 on these while Collaborati has tk1.
  • Rate items for tk2 are deleted from the pending rate requests and invoices would point to the tk2 contact card and the sync ran fine.
  • In case we run into issues with this edge case on a client facing environment, we will have to do some manual cleanup of deleting these records or make them point to tk1.

Tracking Code: COLL-13892

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