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Error: The request must have at least one valid line item

This error might occur while uploading a timekeeper rate request file. There can be multiple causes for this error.



Cause 1:

The file does not have any data, only the two header lines.

Solution 1:

The timekeeper rate request file should contain data as per the required format. You can view the format of the file by following below steps.

  1. From the Rate Requests page, click the Upload Timekeeper Rate Request link.
  2. Click the 'Download Sample Timekeeper rate file' link
  3. Open the Timekeeper Rate Proposal Sample.csv file you downloaded
  4. Refer to the 'Timekeeper Rate Proposal Sample.csv' fields to enter the rates you want to upload
  5. Save the file.


Cause 2:

  • When the timekeeper used in rate request file is not authorized.
  • Display code used for the timekeeper is incorrect in the rate request file.

Solution 2:

You must use Authorized timekeepers and their display codes in your rate request file. To check your timekeeper authorizations, please follow these steps.

  1. Click “Clients” on the top menu bar
  2. Choose client
  3. Click the third icon from the top on the left navigation menu (“Timekeepers”)

You will then be able to see your timekeepers as “Authorized” or “Pending Client Authorization”.  If a timekeeper is “Pending Client Authorization” for an extended period of time, please contact your client. 


Cause 3:

When the category for timekeeper is Invoice task rate and taskCode field value is empty.

Solution 3:

“taskCode” field can never be empty if the category for the timekeeper is “Invoice task rate”. You can refer the below help URL to determine the task codes to be used:

Enter the “taskCode” field value and then re-upload your file.


Cause 4:

When the category for timekeeper is Timekeeper rate and taskCode field value is not empty.

Solution 4:

You should leave the “taskCode” field as empty as it is not required for “Timekeeper rate” category.


Cause 5:

When the currency field value is misspelled in all the rows of rate request file. (Eg. 'U.S. Dolars').

Solution 5:

You can correct the spelling of the currency (U.S. Dollar) and then re-upload your rate request file

You can also refer below help URL to view the correct spellings of different currencies:


Cause 6:

When the currency in rate request file does not match with the currency on the authorized timekeeper.

Solution 6:

You can view the default currency on the authorized timekeeper by following the instructions mentioned in the below help URL:

Update the currency in the file and then re-upload it.

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