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Section 1: Employee Document Upload (EDU) – Employee Journey

IMPORTANT: Choosing to leverage the new EDU functionality does not alleviate the requirement to physically inspect the employee’s work authorization and identity document(s).  Employers must continue to follow all USCIS Form I-9 document inspection requirements to be in compliance.

Employee Document Upload (EDU) – Employee Journey 

When enabled, the Employee Document Identification & Upload (EDU) page appears after the employee completes Section 1. To complete the page the employee must:

  1. Identify the List A document, or List B and List C documents. The document options displayed are based on the employee’s Section 1 Employment Status.
  2. When prompted, upload a copy of the document image or images.
    • The Tracker I-9 system dynamically displays sample documents with instructions for each required image on two conditions: 1) If the employee’s I-9 is subject to E-Verify and the document selected is subject to the E-Verify Photo Match image retention requirement; and/or 2) If the Employer Attachment Setting is All Attachments. 
  3. Click the Continue button.

The employee has an option to skip the EDU page and return to complete it later and all employee uploaded images must be reviewed and approved/rejected by the individual responsible for completing Section 2 (more details below).

The EDU page consists of four sections:

  1. Progression Bar
  2. Instructions
  3. Employee Document Selector
  4. Action Bar


  1. Progression Bar: This is a visual indicator designed to help new hires better understand the tasks assigned to them to complete the Form I-9 Process. The Remote I-9 workflow type determines the number of milestones that appear in the progress bar.  
    EDU Progress Bar
  2. Instructions: Employment Authorization and Identity Documentation guidance.
  3. Employee Document Selector: List A, B, and C Documents section that guides the employee to view, interact, select, and (conditionally) upload images for the document(s) they intend to present for Section 2 completion.  
    EDU Document Selector
  4. Action Bar: A floating bar with options to facilitate the process
    EDU Action Bar

Employee Document Selector

The Employee Document Selector presents the full set of List A, B and C documents. The employee can always view all document options, but they can only select documents that logically apply to them based upon their Section 1 citizenship status and age. 

Required Document Images: When an employee selects a document type that requires images, the system guides them to upload the required files based upon the Employer Attachment Settings. Client Administrator can edit Employer Attachment Setting under the Feature Options section on the Employer configuration page. 

  1. No Attachments – image files are never required
  2. E-Verify Photo Match – image files are only required when the Form I-9 is subject to E-Verify and the employee selects a List A document that qualifies as an E-Verify Photo Match document 
  3. All Attachments – image files are required for all document types. When the “as of” field includes a date, the system enforces required attachments on or after the date.

EDU Attachment Settings

The steps below illustrate the different document selection scenarios and (when required) how employees will upload images:

  1. When the employee clicks document category under the List A, List B or List C section, the system displays the document type(s) associated to that category. 
    EDU List A EAD Card
  2. If the Employer attachment settings set to No Attachments then the system will not prompt the employee to upload document images. The employee may click the Unselect Document button to choose a different document type.
    EDU List B Driver's License
  • If the employer attachment settings are set to E-Verify Photo Match, and the Form I-9 is subject to E-Verify, then only photo-match documents require an upload of both the front and back of the document.  
    The following documents are subject to E-Verify Photo Match:
    • U.S. Passport 
    • U.S. Passport Card 
    • Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551) 
    • Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551) 
    • Employment Authorization Document (I-766)
      EDU List A US Passport


  • To view the additional information on the selected documents, such as Description, Samples, Doc. # Locator, and E-Verify Info, click the More Details button.
  • To upload an image, choose the Upload Document button (or click the Take Photo button if using mobile device).
  • To view the uploaded image, click on the View Uploaded Doc button.
  • To re-upload the image, click on the Re-Upload button.

EDU List A EAD Card
When an employee selects a List A document Foreign Passport with Form I-94/I-94A or the I-766 Employment Authorization Document (I-766 EAD) the system presents an option for the individual to indicate they have Additional Documents needed to support the form I-9 process. 

Note: Employees must use a desktop device view, select and upload Additional Documents. Additional Document options are not available in the mobile view. 

Action Bar Options

Three options are available are:
 EDU  Action Bar Options

  • Skip For Now: Select this button to skip the task and receive reminder to complete it later after providing/verifying the email address/mobile number in the confirmation dialogue box.
    EDU Skip For Now confirmation window
  • Start Over: By selecting this option, users can restart the process.
    EDU Start Over confirmation window
  • Continue: Select the Continue button to confirm the selections.

After completing the EDU page, the system will present the next page in the Progress bar sequence. 

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