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An older TeamConnect feature providing a repository of data for reporting and analysis. This feature has been superseded by Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouse

An optional TeamConnect product. A repository of data gathered from operational data and other sources that is designed to serve a particular community of knowledge workers. In scope, the data derives from an enterprise-wide database, such as TeamConnect database, and meets your specific demands in terms of analysis, content, presentation, and ease-of-use. Typically, Data Warehouse is used for general reporting purposes.

If you are using Business Objects™ or other software to run reports and you want to include the information entered in a Custom Field for your reports, then you must make this selection when creating the custom field in an object definition.

Debug Settings

A tool that allows you to select whether you want TeamConnect to log various program operations.


A value or setting that TeamConnect is automatically selects if the user does not specify a substitute. For example, TeamConnect might select certain Categories as default categories for Records, or set one of a contact's addresses as default.

Likewise, the default directory (for example in documents) is the directory the operating system searches unless you specify a different directory.

The default can also be an action that the program takes. For example, a user who creates an appointment is automatically (or by default) added as an attendee for this appointment.


A System Object definition that is intended to allow end Users to manage files uploaded to the Documents area of TeamConnect. These can be plain text, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, image (JPEG, GIF, BMP), HTML, XML, and so on. They are usually attached to TeamConnect Records.

Documents are automatically available as a system Block in all Object Views.

Many files necessary for customization of TeamConnect are also uploaded as Documents. These include XML files for Custom Blocks, Custom Actions for Java Rules, files included in Templates, and other files related to your customized system design.

Document Type

File type. For example, Microsoft Word document (DOC), text file (TXT), or JPEG image (JPG). When uploading files into the Documents area of TeamConnect, you specify the document type. TeamConnect then recognizes that file type and displays the appropriate icon.

As a solution developer, you can specify which file types TeamConnect is able to identify in the Documents area by adding them to the list of Document Types in the Document object definition.

Dynamic Value

A value that is automatically generated based on a value that is entered or selected in another field, as opposed to a Static Value. Dynamic values are often used in TeamConnect Templates, Wizards, Unique IDs and names for custom object Records.

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