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Batch Screen

A type of tab or section in a tab of a record screen where certain multiple data items of the Record can be entered and viewed as a single list, all in one screen. In the object model, items added to a record with batch screens are considered Sub-objects, and are usually represented by J-tables.

An example of a batch screen in the administrative user interface can be the Custom Fields tab in object definitions.


A group of system and/or custom fields included into a single file, XML (for custom blocks) or JSP (for system blocks). In the end-user interface, each block is typically displayed as a separate tab or a section on the record screen.

TeamConnect Object Views provided by Mitratech consist of system blocks, such as General, Categories, Workflow, Assignees, Attendees, and so on. You can also create your own Custom Blocks using Custom Fields.

Business Objects

Representations of the nature and behavior of real world things or concepts in terms that are meaningful to the business. Customers, products, orders, employees, trades, invoices, payments, appointments, accounts, shipping containers and vehicles are all examples of real-world concepts or things that could be represented by Business Objects.

There are System Objects and Custom Objects in TeamConnect.

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