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UBB code

Ultimate bulletin board code--a variation of HTML formatting tags that allows you to add functionality and styles to your messages.

Unique Code

A unique code that identifies a system or custom Object in the TeamConnect database. It consists of a 4-character, alphanumeric combination, and its letters must be capitalized. System objects have predefined unique codes, whereas custom objects must have unique codes defined when first created.

Phases have 4-character, alphanumeric combination assigned to them too, which are also knows as unique codes.

Unique ID

Identifies an individual custom object record. You must set unique IDs in the object definition of each custom object. For example, you can set the records to be automatically numbered by the system, or to be given a unique id based on a pattern of Attributes that are selected in the record.

Do not confuse the Unique ID for Custom Object records with the Unique Code of the Custom Object. Also, do not confuse it with naming patterns for Custom Object records.


An account created for a specific person who uses TeamConnect. Users can be members of Groups, and can have Rights assigned to them or from a group in which they are a member. Each user has their own password to log in to TeamConnect, which is first specified in their user account (accessible by the Administrator only) together with the username and rights.

User Interface

The graphical representation of TeamConnect on the computer screen, where the user can click buttons and hyperlinks, make selections from drop-down lists, enter text into fields, and so on. It is also referred to as the graphic user interface or GUI. The end-user interface in TeamConnect includes all available TeamConnect features, because end users do not typically have access to items in the Admin tab.

User-Invoked Actions

See Custom Actions.

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