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A wizard page component that allows you to add certain data items that you might need to use as qualifiers in rules when creating conditions for page transitions. You can also use parameter values to do certain Actions (or operations) on the object attributes. These data items are not stored in the TeamConnect database and can be added and used only within Wizards.


See Child.


A series of Attributes that is created using Object Navigator. A path is used to identify how to get to a specific attribute in a table of the Object Model. Paths can be used in Rules, Templates, Wizards, and in the naming patterns for object records.


Certain states of a Project. A specific sequence of phases and their transitions define the life cycle of the project. For example, a Litigation record might go through the following phases Suit Filed > Discovery > Depositions > Settlement > Arbitration >Trial > Closed. All Phases and their transitions are defined in the Custom Object definitions.

Portal Pane

A component of a Home Page, which represents a specialized menu that allows the end users to access different information or do specific tasks directly from the Home Page. includes one or more items of content.


System options that you can use to customize your TeamConnect to fit your individual needs and personal preferences. They are listed when you click the Preferences link in the user interface.

Primary Key

An automatically generated number that uniquely identifies the newly created item in the database.

Primary keys are rarely displayed in the record screens. However, they can be used when building paths with Object Navigator, for example in rule qualifiers, in custom object record names and unique identifiers, or when working with the XML layer.

Process Manager

A TeamConnect user who is responsible for monitoring approval processes that are sent to approvers by requestors. Process Managers receive notifications of approval requests when there is an error.

They may also be notified when a request is rejected or expired. They can restart an approval process to resolve errors, rejections, or expirations, or reassign the task of approving a request to other users when necessary. They can also reject approval requests.


Is a generic term used to refer to an individual Record or instance of a Custom Object.

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