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Value Set

A group of attributes in a Sub-object which end users must always populate to make a valid sub- object entry. When creating Templates, you must make sure that you that all attributes from the sub-object's value set are defined. For more details on defining sub-objects in templates, see the Creating Custom Pages.

Validation Rule

A type of Rule in TeamConnect that you can create to check the specified Qualifiers before allowing or denying a user's attempted operation, such as creating or updating a Record. For more details on validation rules, see the Validation Rules. See also Security Rule.


Outside Contacts with whom your organization conducts business. These can be suppliers of goods or services, outside counsel, and so on.

Version Control

A method of tracking the edits made to a document that is uploaded to TeamConnect. Version control allows users to access previous versions of a document, and even revert the current version back to a previous version if needed. Version control must be activated by the TeamConnect Administrator.

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