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TeamConnect offers Global Search as part of an integration with Elasticsearch, enabling robust, global searching of TeamConnect instances. The Global Search feature of TeamConnect consists of these main components:

  • The Global Search Index Tool which allows the administrator to build or delete an index for specific objects 
  • The Global Search toolbar which is displayed in the top, center of each TeamConnect page
  • The Global Search results page

Global Search provides full-text searching of documents (including PDFs) and their contents, contacts, records, budget requests, and more. TeamConnect supports the following versions of Elasticsearch:

TeamConnect Elasticsearch
TeamConnect 5.0 Elasticsearch 1.7.4
TeamConnect 5.1 Elasticsearch 5.3.0
TeamConnect 6.0 Elasticsearch 5.3.0
TeamConnect 6.1     Elasticsearch 5.3.0
TeamConnect 6.2 Elasticsearch 7.1.1
TeamConnect 6.3 Elasticsearch 7.10

Visit the Elasticsearch installation guide for more information on configuring and installing Elasticsearch for TeamConnect.

For detail on document versioning and how versions interact with search results, please see Searching and Version Control.

Note: Global search does not search users or groups, budgets, accounts, or any documents in System folders.

For more detailed information on how Elasticsearch works, clusters and nodes, and how the global search indexing functions outside of TeamConnect, please see the Elasticsearch help found here.



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