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Migrating eSignature Services in TAP

Migrating from one eSignature Service to another requires proper planning and testing. Please review the following considerations before making this move. This process is recommended this process is tested in Staging before it is completed in Production. 

Determine Method for Managing In Progress Workflows

TAP can only be connected to 1 eSignature service at a time (DocuSign or AdobSign). Therefore careful consideration must be given to how you will handle existing data if you are making a switch from one service to another.

  • Option 1: Utilize a cut-off period
    • In this method, all existing records integrated with an eSignature service should be at an end or completed state prior to making the switch to the new provider. This method introduces the least amount of risk and cost. 
  • Option 2: Update existing records to point to the new eSignature provider. 
    • In this method, records that exist can remain in progress and the database will be updated to point them to the new eSignature provider. Note that not all records can be updated with this method, especially if they are already sent for signature in the former system. This is only an option for workflows that have not already been sent out for signature. Using this method requires testing and incurs additional costs. 

Updating Provisioning Portal

The provision portal has settings for connecting to eSignature Service. These settings include ESCallBackServiceURL, ESDefaultEndpointBaseUrl, and ESignProvider.

  • In order to update these items, raise a ticket/CCF to hosting including tenant, environment, new eSignature provider, and values for the above settings. 
  • Once this is approved and scheduled the switch takes about 30 minutes. This should be done in coordination with the client and it is advised that the associated workflows are not actively used from this point onward until all the below steps are completed. 


Add the new eSignature key following these steps.

Updating Workflow Templates

Go to each and every workflow where the e-signature service is used and update the e-signature key with new eSignature key following these steps