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How to: Update user details in bulk

How do you update user details in bulk? 

Note: Super Admin access is required

Updating multiple users at one time can be done quickly and efficiently.

  • Login to TAP

login screen.jpg

  • Go to the Administration Tab
  • Click Users > Export 

user export.jpg

  • A pop up appears, select the sections that you wish to export and scroll to the bottom and click export

NOTE: Only 1000 users will be exported. If an export of more than 1000 users is needed, a database extract will be required. Contact for more information.

user export2.jpg

  • A .csv file downloads. Click on the file and update the desired changes, such as the highlighted esig_MasterApiKeyName if it changed

TIP: The best way to do this is to use the Find & Replace method by holding down "Control+F" and the below pop up will appear.  Find the current Adobe eSignature that you are going to replace and copy it into the Find what field and copy the new Adobe Esig Key into the Replace with field:

How do you update user details on mass 05.png

  • Click on Replace All (see above); a pop up will appear showing how many fields have been replaced

How do you update user details on mass 06.png

  • Save the file
  • Go back to TAP to the Administration tab
  • Select Import > a "User Import Setup" pop up appears
  • Click Select files... and check the box for 'Update existing users (otherwise duplicates will be ignored)'
  • Click Import


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