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The Administration module lets you create and manage user accounts for your TAP system.

Access to the TAP system is available to authenticated users only. The Administration module lets you create and manage user accounts for your TAP system. You can access the Administration module at any time by clicking the TAP - administration (image 1).jpg icon in the TAP Toolbar. 


The Administration module gives you access to the following functional areas:

  • USER MANAGEMENT - lets you manage the User Database for your TAP system
  • PERMISSIONS - lets you define user roles and assign access and application permissions for each defined user role
  • INTEGRATIONS - lets you manage eSignature accounts and Salesforce keys for your TAP system
  • STYLES - lets you manage the theming (colors, styles and icons) for your TAP system

ThemingLets you update the look and feel of your workflow, here you can:

- Change Header and Login page color

- Upload CSS style, custom menu icons 

- Add a logo for your login page and logo used across your workflow (notifications, header) 

  • DOCUMENT LIBRARY - lets you define custom columns for the Document Repository                                               


Troubleshooting Tip: If there is a sudden change in the look and feel of TAP, (i.e. icons are missing, menu bar is missing, certain controls are hidden) check if anyone who has Super Admin access has made changes in the Administration--> Styles--->Theming--->Styling, and uploaded a new .css file. The original .css may be restored by clicking the Reset button.

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