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Form Field Elements

This page details all the features on the Workflow Designer page. 

Form Field Elements

There are 26 form fields, and every form field has its unique function. These are the building blocks of the web form.

This page details every form field and its property.

The form field elements are given as a list on the left pane of the Designer screen.

Clicking on each form adds the form to the workflow.

List of Form field elements 

  • Heading  undefined
  • Add this field to add a heading to the workflow.
  • undefined
  • This is a read-only field on the form.
  • Custom Text undefined
  • Enter the text that is to be displayed on the form.
  • undefined
  • This is a read-only field on the form.
  • Custom Html undefined
  • Add this to create a link on the form. An option to display the html as a pop-up is also available.
  • undefined
  • Text undefined
  • Add this field to enable the user to enter a text value.
  • An option to add a formula appears in the additional settings.
  • Validations can be set to allow users to enter either alpha, numeric or alphanumeric characters, etc.
  • A picture containing chartDescription automatically generated
  • This can be made mandatory by selecting Required option and can be added to the repository in the Common Field Settings.
  • If Hide Audit Trial is selected in Common field settings, this option won’t be visible to the user.
  • Select the users from the Audit Trial Access drop-down options to enable visibility.
  • Area undefined
  • Add this field to enter more details.
  • A maximum of 2000 characters can be entered in the area field.
  • undefined
  • Dropdown undefined
  • Add this field to select from the drop-down options.
  • The drop-down options can be edited in the Options in the Additional Settings.
  • undefined
  • Multi Select undefined
  • This field allows users to select multiple options.
  • undefined
  • Radio Button undefined
  • The options can be edited in the Options in the Additional Settings.
  • The options can also be viewed in a row by selecting the Horizontal Options in the Radio Button Settings.
  • undefined
  • Check Box undefined
  • undefined
  • Boolean Check Box undefined
  • Only one option is allowed in this.
  • undefined
  • File Upload undefined
  • Add this field to upload files or documents, and the Print button is automatically displayed.
  • The uploaded files can be limited in size, format, etc. (Refer 2nd image)
  • Additionally, the attachment can be hidden for certain roles. (Refer last image)
  • undefined undefined undefined 
  • Multi Upload undefined
  • This field is like the File Upload except that files can be uploaded in bulk in this option.
  • undefined
  • Date Picker undefined
  • Add this to input a date field.
  • Date range type and date format can be set in the settings.
  • Formulas also can be added from the Additional Settings.
  • undefined
  • Address undefined
  • The address field can be formatted by fields to be added, filtering countries, and enabling location.
  • undefined
  • Workflow Records undefined
  • Select a workflow record and select the options from the Filter Options.
  • The selected record will become the parent record.
  • This field can be accessed only by the super admin.
  • undefined undefined
  • Table undefined
  • Values can be tabulated.
  • Tables can be formatted in the Table Settings.
  • undefined
  • Spreadsheet undefined
  • Add a spreadsheet in the form.
  • The sheet can be formatted in the Spreadsheet settings.
  • undefined
  • Document undefined
  • Add a document in the form using this option.
  • The document can be viewed either in doc format or pdf format by selecting the drop-down options.
  • undefined
  • Salesforce Records undefined
  • Add this to input salesforce records.
  • The options can be selected by clicking the SFDC setup.

undefined undefined

TeamConnect Records Search undefined

  • TeamConnect records can be searched using this option.

undefined undefined

TeamConnect Categories undefined

  • Add this option to select TeamConnect categories.


Signature Field undefined

  • Signature will be automatically added in the form.


Submit Button undefined

  • Whenever a page is opened, there are no fields. But the Submit button automatically comes onto the screen when any field is added.
  • This button is mandatory and cannot be removed.
  • Along with this, other buttons like Save, Print, Reset, etc. can be added.
  • The buttons’ alignment can be set in the Field Properties.

undefined submit e 2.png 

Captcha undefined

  • Add this field for additional validation.


Scan Barcode undefined

  • Add this option if there is a need to scan a bar code.


Button undefined

  • This field is customizable. Select options from the Field Properties.
  • Use this option to trigger an action in the workflow.

undefined undefined



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