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File Upload and Multi Upload Supported file types

File upload fields are pivotal in allowing end users to attach documents throughout a workflow. Learn the difference between each field and get a sneak peak as to how these features might be used within notifications and email responses.


File upload and Multi upload supported file types

File upload and Multi upload are the form fields that allows users to upload files to the form. In the above video tutorial we have provided the steps to upload.

  • ·File upload field: Allow users to upload a single file into the form.

  •  Multi upload field: Allow users to upload multiple files at a time into the form.



Supported file types:
































  • Upload file and multi upload maximum file size permitted is 100 MB, if we try to upload a bigger file more than 100 MB we get to see the below error. We can upload multiple files of size 100 MB each and there is no overall file size limit set. But uploading bigger size files can cause latency in processing the workflow.


  • Files uploaded in the form can be seen by a user  under "Documents uploaded Files"  who has access to audit trial.

  • If we try to upload a unsupported file format then we get to see the Error uploading file.






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