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Pop-up Windows

A Pop-up box can be used to show additional HTLM content (text, image, etc). In TAP, Pop-ups often contain additional resources, definitions, reference material, or instructions. 

To set up a popup window:

1. Add a custom HTML field where you will link the popup (if you will have the popup open by default skip this step).

2. Create a second custom HTML field to contain the popup text.

TIP: Put this field in a section at the end of your forms so it doesn't clutter the form designer.

3. Enter the text of your popup - you will need a new HTML field for each popup. 



4. When you're done with the text select display options from the field properties.

popup2 (1).png


5.  Select display as a popup. Here you can also edit the title, size of the popup window, and select if shown by default.

popup3 (1).png


6. Return to your first HTML form field and select insert popup link. Select the new popup you created from the dropdown. 

popup4 (1).png


Tip: The full text of your popup will appear, however you can edit the linking text by selecting 'source' and updating the text.

popup7 (1).png


7. Lastly, In the Form Access property of the workflow designer, you will need the popup HTML field to be set to show.

TIP: The links will not pop-up in the designer so be sure to use preview for testing. 

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