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Adding Dispute Details

In order for the Dispute tab to be available, the Litigated checkbox on the Base Info tab must be selected. To assign a judge for the case, see Assigning a Judge to a Matter.

To Add Dispute Details to a Matter:

  1. Open the Matters module and add a new matter or edit a matter record.
  2. Open the Dispute tab of the matter’s record, and click the image New button.
  3. Click the btn_browse button next to the Court/Forum text box, then click on a court entity to select the court in which the case was filed.
  4. If the court is not a player for the matter, click OK to add the court. On the Player dialog box, select a player type and role and enter any additional information, then click image Save. Click OK on the message box informing you the court has been added as a player to the matter.
  5. On the Dispute tab, enter the appropriate information directly in the text boxes or select from the dropdown lists. The following types of information can be entered:
    • Case/Docket # – The number assigned to the lawsuit by the court.
    • Type – A categorization (such as Personal Injury) for the complaint.
    • Date Filed – The date the complaint was filed with the court.
    • Our Role – The capacity (such as Plaintiff) in which your company interacts with the court.
    • SOL Begins – The first date on which the issue can be filed as a lawsuit. The Statute of Limitations (SOL) determines how long a Plaintiff can wait to file a lawsuit. The me period varies from state to state.
    • SOL Expires – The last date a lawsuit can be filed.
    • Period (years) – The number of years the SOL is in effect.
    • Location – The area in which the SOL is calculated.
    • SOL Comments – Any additional information. For example, if the parties have agreed to toll the SOL (effectively creating a longer time period in which the lawsuit can be filed), the information can be entered here.
    • Checkboxes – An indication of the type of dispute (such as Jury Trial).
    • Status Type – The status (such as Arbitration) of the dispute.
    • Date – The date the status was updated.
  6. Click the image Save button to save your changes.
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