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Manually Adding an Invoice

If you have a large number of invoices to input, particularly if there is similar information, you may want to use the single page invoice entry option instead.

eCounsel will not allow duplication of invoices. If a new invoice is entered that has the same vendor, transaction number, and amount as an existing invoice, you will get an error message.

To Add Base Information:

  1. Open the Invoices module.
  2. On the Invoices List page, click image New.
  3. On the Base Info tab, click the image button in the Vendor field. Double-click on a person name or entity, or click on the name, then click Select.
  4. Complete the fields by either typing directly into the fields or selecting from the dropdown lists. The amount fields will populate when line items are entered on the Matter tab.
  5. When you have entered all applicable information, click image Save.
  6. Click the Matter tab to enter line item details for the invoice. The invoice must be assigned to a matter before a discount can be applied.

To Add Matter Information:

  1. Create an invoice or open an existing invoice.
  2. Click on the Matter tab.
  3. Click image New.
  4. Click the image button in the Matter field. Click on a matter to select it. If the vendor is not a player on the matter, you will be prompted to add the vendor as a player.
  5. Click image Save. The amount fields will populate when line items are entered.

To Add Line Item Details:

  1. On the Invoice Detail subtab in the Details area, click image New.
  2. Click the image button in the Professional field. The names available in the Professional field are employees of the vendor company (this relationship is established through the Employment tab in the People module). Click on person to select that person.
  3. Enter other information as needed.

image The discount amount must be specified with a minus sign to ensure that the amount will be subtracted from the invoice amount.

  1. Click the image Save button to save your changes.

If auto-load has been configured to automatically populate approvers, this method of invoice entry will not auto-load the approvers. To do so, click the Defaults button on the Invoice Approval subtab on the Matter tab after entering all line items.


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