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Discounts and Adjustments

Note: Starting in Suite 8.11 SP6, when a user needs to make an invoice-level change to an existing invoice, the change is now called Adjustment instead of Discount. This document uses the new terminology.

When eCounsel uses Smart Invoice to import LEDES files, vendors can specify discounts on invoices for individual fee/expense line items or as an invoice-level discount. Mitratech has included functionality to account for these two scenarios of discounting in a LEDES file.

A Total Discounts Billed field appears for each invoice line item. For imported invoices, this field is populated with the LEDES LINE_ITEM_ADJUSTMENT_AMOUNT value in a LEDES 1998B or 1998BI file or with the <discount_amount> value in a LEDES 2000 file. Double-clicking the line item opens the Invoice Detail dialog box, where additional information can be specified or changes can be made.

For invoices that are not imported from Collaborati, clicking the Adjustment button on the Invoices Summary page or Invoices Base Info tab opens the Invoice Adjustment dialog box where you can create a new invoice-level adjustment or modify an imported invoice-level adjustment. You also can specify whether an invoice-level adjustment is applied as a percentage or a dollar amount for the invoice, and you can enter comments concerning the adjustment. An invoice-level adjustment is applied to fee line items only and is apportioned across all matters that pertain to the invoice.

When an invoice from Collaborati is adjusted in eCounsel, the changes are not sent back to Collaborati. If an invoice imported from Collaborati needs a discount, reject the invoice and have the vendor re-submit the invoice with the discount.

The discount amounts appear in the following areas of eCounsel:

  • Invoices Summary page – per line item, the discount amount (in the billed currency amount) is located in the Invoice Detail area. Clicking on the discount amount opens the Invoice Detail dialog box for the line item or the Invoice Discount dialog box for invoice- level discounts.
  • Invoices List page – the Total Discounts Billed field displays on the invoices grid by default. You can reorder the field by clicking the Options button.
  • Invoices Base Info tab – the Total Discounts Billed field displays the sum of the discount applied at the invoice-level and all discount line items.
  • Invoices Matter tab – the Total Discounts Billed field displays on the matters grid and the invoice detail grid. At the matter level, this field is the matter-specific invoice-level discount or the sum of all discounts applied to individual line items. At the invoice level, this field is the amount specified as a line item discount or the amount apportioned to the matter for an invoice-level discount.
  • Invoice Detail dialog box – when manually creating an invoice or editing an imported invoice, the Total Discounts Billed field is available from a line item on the Matter tab in Invoices edit mode. Double-clicking the line item opens this dialog box.
  • Matters Costs tab – the Total Discounts Billed field displays on the costs or cost detail grids.
  • Search page – when creating an advanced search on invoices, the Line Item Total Discounts Billed field is available as criteria after selecting to create an invoices query and selecting the Matter tab. The field also can be displayed in the search results. In addition, a Matter Invoice Total Discounts Billed field is available for the Matter tab, and a Total Discounts Billed field is available for the Base Info tab.
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