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AP Integration Task

þÿ  Premium feature – Contact Mitratech Support to enable this premium feature.

The AP Integration task imports invoice payment information and exports invoice information in an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format. All fields from the Invoices module are exported to one XML file for each invoice; filtering is done through the third-party program. Vendors are matched with invoices in one of two ways:

  •  Invoice ID
  • Vendor Number and Internal Invoice Number

This information comes from the Entity Number field on the Base Info tab of the Entities module and the Transaction # field from the Base Info tab of the Invoices module.

þÿ  When entering information on the Base Info tab in the Invoices module be aware of the following:

  • Do not use commas in the Payment Amount field.
  • The Payment Method field cannot be blank; a selection must be made from the dropdown field.

To configure the AP Integration task, first you must import the task template provided by Mitratech, then schedule the task and configure the parameters.

In addition, if your company requires that all invoices be exported to a single XML file (as opposed to one file per invoice), Mitratech can provide an alternate task called the AP Integration (Single Export File) task. This task functions exactly as the AP Integration task (must be imported using a script), but will create a single XML file for all invoices exported each time the task is executed. See Exporting Invoices Using the AP Integration Task for more information.

þÿThe AP Integration (Single Export File) task may cause memory-related issues in certain environments depending on the number of invoices being generated to the file. If memory issues occur, Mitratech recommends using the standard AP Integration task and modifying your import code to accept multiple export files.

þÿ   For the AP Integration tasks, all fields can be included in the XML file whether data exists for the fields. Contact Mitratech Support to enable this feature.

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