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The Scheduler component of Suite Manager has several options for automating invoicing tasks in eCounsel at time intervals specified by the System Administrator. Mitratech-supplied tasks include the following:

  • Approver E-mail Notification Task – Sends an e-mail to invoice approvers listing the invoices awaiting their approval.
  • Invoice Routing Task – Routes invoices to invoice approvers in sequential order; optionally requires approval of an invoice within a specified number of days.
  • Batch Document Indexing Task – Automatically indexes documents in the database or on a file server for full-text searching within Suite.
  • Matter Accrual Notification E-mailer Task – Sends e-mail notices to all primary vendor contacts for matters for which the accrual functionality has been enabled.
  • Home Page Template Task – Updates home pages for users in groups with a corresponding template for the home page tabs and widgets.
  • þÿ   AP Integration Task – Imports invoice payment information and exports invoice information in an XML format for use with a third-party accounting program.
  • þÿ   Corridor Vendors MattersAllows vendors/law firms to select matters when submitting a manually created invoice via the Corridor Website (requires Smart Invoice for Corridor).
  • þÿ   Corridor Vendors Timekeepers – Allows vendors/law firms to submit timekeeper information via the Corridor Website (requires Smart Invoice for Corridor).

þÿ   Premium feature – Contact Mitratech Support to enable this premium feature.


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