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Configuring a Web Agent

A Web Agent is applied to an HTTP Server endpoint. It performs much as the Tomcat ISAPI filter does when IIS is configured with Apache Tomcat for Suite (see “Configuring IIS for Tomcat” or “Configuring IIS for WebSphere” in the “Installing Suite” chapter of the Suite Installation Guide). The Agent “listens” on port 80 for requests coming to the server. It is not “aware” of the context that is being “protected” by the realm on the Policy Server, so it forwards all unique requests to the Policy Server. The Web Agent then caches the response information for a set amount of time (configurable). “Protected” contexts are fed to the policy server for authentication and authorization by the User Directory. The response from the Policy Server includes a header variable for the response to be fed to the Web application server that carries the user's ID.


Configuring a Web Agent for Mitratech Office Link

If you are using Mitratech Office link, you need to make the following configuration changes to the Web agent.

  1. Login to the SiteMinder Administrative UI.
  2. Click the Infrastructure tab, and click the Agent Configuration Objects link.
  3. Click the Modify Agent Configuration icon for IISSuiteSettings.
  4. Modify the following parameters. To modify a parameter, click through the pages to find the parameter, click the Edit icon for the parameter, make the change, then click OK.
  • BadUrlChars – remove tilde (~) from the list of values

  • IgnoreURL – add the Mitratech Office Link API (/suite8/outlook-office/v1)



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