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The SiteMinder Single Sign-On (SSO) agent is a supported integration method for Suite. The third-party product CA SiteMinder (Single SignOn) is an application suite in many components that must be configured to understand what resources it “protects” and allows for SSO. Mitratech uses this product integration to allow its clients to provide Web-based authentication and authorization through the SiteMinder SSO Agent and then trusts that authorized session for access to the Suite application.

The following components are needed for integration:

This integration requires the following:

  • Suite Version 8.4 or higher
  • SiteMinder Version R12 SP2

 When configuring SiteMinder with Suite, if you use the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform integration for reporting, do not use the SiteMinder-specific Uniform Resource Locator  (URL) when defining the URL for the Business Objects Web application. In addition, when using SiteMinder login authentication, the BO Web App Root URL should be defined on the Webserver to redirect to the application server to avoid a port conflict (for example, the URL would be specified as http://server/boxir4).

SiteMinder authenticates with Suite during initial login. Suite authenticates with Business Objects using encrypted user names and passwords without further authentication with SiteMinder.

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