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Saving a Chart

When you create a chart in CorpCharts, the chart is saved to the Notes/History/Charts tab as a CorpCharts Document type. Within Microsoft Visio, if you modify the chart, you can save the changes, and a new file will appear in the Details area for the CorpCharts Document record.

To Save a Chart:

  1. Create or modify a chart, then open the chart.
  2. In Microsoft Visio, click the File menu and select the Save As menu command.
  3. On the Save As dialog box, browse to a location on your local machine and click Save.
  4. On the Upload BSI Chart dialog box, click Yes.
  5. If needed, login to Secretariat. The Notes/History/Charts tab, will display on the screen with a description called CorpCharts Document.
  6. In the Details area on the Notes/History/Charts tab, click New to create a new entry for the chart or select a chart and click Update to replace an existing chart with the new one.
  7. On the Save File dialog box, click Browse, browse to the location in which you saved the chart in Step 3, click on the filename, and click Open.
  8. Type a description for the chart, and click Continue.
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