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LegalHold 3.4.0 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to Enhancements, Improvements and Resolved Issues in LegalHold 3.4.0 release.

LegalHold 3.4.0 Enhancements

The release has several cool and widely sought after features to improve the process of creating and managing the legal hold workflow for our clients.

  • Branching Logic in Questionnaires:  Improved hold completion timelines significantly by only displaying a smaller subset of questions relevant to the particular custodian. 
  • Added filters to the Custom Report Designer: Help the legal department self-serve on hold and custodian data.
  • Addition of new OOTB variables: Help users save time by auto populating the hold senders information on all email notifications. 
  • Improved per client logging available from the UI:  Decrease support resolution timelines by 20-30%.
  • Collection Tools Integration:  Developed updated API endpoints for enhanced integration capabilities with a collection tool for the collection of evidence/data tied to a legal hold.  
  • Several UX Improvements

Here are the new and updated  articles to deep dive into these changes:


Enhancement: New functionality in Questionnaire Templates to create conditional questionnaires.
Description:  New and updated Questionnaire Templates allow the users to create conditional questionnaires, where they can design the questionnaire flow based on possible responses. The new functionality helps in the custodians compliance rates, as of now custodians need to respond to all questions on the questionnaire but to a smaller subset of questions that are relevant to them. For more information, refer to this article Create a New Questionnaire Template
Tracking code: LH-12818, LH-12895, LH-12896, LH-13252, LH-13890

Enhancement:Custom designer report enhancements
Description:  Improved the Custom Designer Report by adding an option to filter on the date fields as well as new options to report on the status of any hold. Additionally users can specify different date ranges and custodian responses such as yes,no and unsure responses  as well as non responses, as part of the custom report designer. For more information, refer to this article Custom Report Designer.
Tracking code: LH-13385, LH-13589, LH-13848

Enhancement: New variables added to email section
Description: Added three new variables Hold Sender Name, Hold Sender Email, and Hold Sender Phone to all email sections, where users can customize the hold sender information in all emails that are sent out of the application. For more information, refer to this article Adding Variables and Attachments.
Tracking code: LH-13451

Enhancement: Clients can download application logs directly from the UI
Description: Added a new option in System settings called Logging Configurations, this allows the clients to download and view the application logs directly from the application. And also added options to download and clear the logs.  It is recommended that clients download these logs and then submit these with any support issue that is created. For more information, refer to this article LegalHold Robust Logging
Tracking code: LH-13328, LH-13329, LH-13330, LH-13331

Enhancement: New API endpoints
Description:Created new API endpoints to potentially integrate with a downstream e-Discovery tool.  These new endpoints allow a very large subset of data to be sent from LegalHold via a single API call.
Tracking code: LH-13384, LH-13606

Enhancement: Changes on the people list
Description: The people list is modified to open up in read-only mode by default and the new edit icon enables the users to edit the person .
Tracking code: LH-13535

Enhancement: New name filter added
Description: Added a new name filter Full Name, that combines first name and last name when finding a recipient or data steward to add to a hold during the hold creation process. This will be useful if there is a large subset of people to search from when trying to find a recipient/data steward to a hold. For more information, refer to this article Add Individual Recipients.
Tracking code: LH-13455

Enhancement: New fields added in the exported CSV file when exporting the hold data
Description: Added the fields Hold Name, Hold Number, Matter Name, and Matter Number in the exported CSV file when exporting the custodian data from the list or tile view of an active hold.
Tracking code:: LH-13635

Enhancement: Updated the legal staff copy of hold as well as data steward email
Description: Updated the hold notice email template for Legal Staff and Data Stewards to include the Added On Date as well as the custodians employment status on the list of custodians on the email. For more information, refer to this article C level executives and Attachment 
Tracking code: LH-13561

Enhancement:New option added in the ‘Review and Send’ step
Description: Added an option to list the number of people who will receive or will not receive the notification in the ‘Review and Send’ step, as New Active Custodians, Inactive Custodians, Legal Staff and Silent Custodians. For more information, refer to this article Review and send 
Tracking code: LH-13659

Enhancement: Ability to release and re-add data stewards
Description: With this new functionality, users will be able to release existing data stewards from a hold and then re-add them if they were released in error.  When a data steward is released, the application will send out a notification to the data steward letting them know of their release from the hold. For more information, refer to this article Data Steward Release
Tracking code: LH-13575

Bug Fixes

Issue: Fixed the issue in displaying the value if  'dd-mm-yyyy date format' is selected in the questionnaire.
Tracking code: LH-13226

Issue: Fixed the issue with a misaligned action button inside the Active Hold tile view.
Tracking code: LH-13179

Issue: Fixed the issue with the email notice being blank and not listing the restored custodian at the bottom.
Tracking code: LH-13770

Issue: Fixed the issue of displaying the response percentage in the Hold Response Rate Report by not counting responses on behalf of.
Tracking code: LH-13645

Issue: Fixed the behavioral issues with email templates, hold templates and questionnaire templates, for Super Hold Admin users.
Tracking code: LH-13931

Issue: Fixed the issues with Contact Me for Holds created from ELM products.
Tracking code: LH-14015

Issue: Fixed some security issues.
Description: We have fixed some security issues, by creating validation  not to allow the html scripting in the webpage and by adding some classes to intercept malicious requests to fix the swagger endpoint vulnerabilities. And also added validation in the hold creation  to fix the  hold creation URL access issue, when the "Disable Hold Creation in Legal Hold App" toggle is active or not.
Tracking code: LH-9702, LH-14079, LH-13171

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