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LegalHold 3.3.3 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to Enhancements, Improvements and Resolved Issues in LegalHold 3.3.3 release.


Enhancement:  Introduced an action button in the list of eDiscovery Custodians.
Description:  The new action button in the list of eDiscovery Custodians resolve the communication issue in the API when applying a hold to each custodian so that custodians can sync back their status, or restart Preservation in M365. 
Tracking code: LH-13426

Bug Fixes

Issue: Fixed the issue with holds that don't have a case ID since they were created prior to the Microsoft 365 Integration Settings being enabled. 
Tracking code: LH-13458

Issue: Fixed the issue with individual recipient release dates for active holds by adding the custodian release date field to the Custom Report Designer. 
Tracking code: LH-13459

Issue: Fixed the issue with custodians not being placed on automatic hold with Legal Hold MS365 Integration.
Tracking code: LH-13457

Issue: Fixed the issue where Private Matter holds from TeamConnect are listed on Custom reports to restricted users in LH. 
Tracking code: LH-13634

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