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LegalHold 3.3.0 Release Notes

This topic outlines features and issue resolutions in LegalHold version 3.3.0.

How to Read the Release Notes

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in the following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable
  • Additional information (for features)


We introduce the following features:

  • In the People module, we have added Silent Custodian Information to People Record > Received Holds tab.

Tracking code: LH-12553

  • On active and released holds, now you can export the custodians list from the Recipients section to an Excel file.

Tracking code: LH-12411

  • Now views of groups, lookup tables, and questions repositories in Legalhold save queries, views preferences,  sorting preferences, dropdown selections, and search types each time they are used.

Tracking code: LH-12107

  • The User's module for system administrators has separate tabs by their function as Legal Users, Custodians, and Disabled Users, along with the All Users tab.

Tracking code: LH-12539, LH-13010

  • We added a new filter in Active Holds, either in the tile view or list view user's are able to filter by the person's name who sent the hold.

Tracking code: LH-13129

  • We added links to the  card to access the hold notice or the recipients' list instead of clicking on the hold number and then on the section.

Tracking code: LH-13180

  • We added a filter for the Last sent by in CDR (Custom Designer Report).

Tracking code: LH-13194, LH-13401

Issues Resolution

We resolved the following issues:

  • When using the following configuration:

    • SAML authentication configured
    • Toggle Enable Non-Respondent Custodians Workflow enabled
    • Set a user as disabled
    • Recipients were added to a hold, including the user set as disabled
      The following behavior was encountered when sending the hold:
    • An exception was written to the log files.
    • Hold administrators saw the hold status as unsent.
    • Custodians received the hold notification.

Tracking code: LH-12582

  • In My Holds > Questionnaires, when a custodian attempted to change the response of the questionnaire, they could not choose a date from the date picker, but only change the date manually.

Tracking code: LH-12191

  • We fixed an issue in which the Custodian Reminder task would run even when all custodians had responded to the hold. 

Tracking code: LH-12739

  • In Hold > Questionnaire(s), Copy Template Questions caused the LegalHold to crash when a template was not selected.

Tracking code: LH-12597

  • In Custom Report Designer, the Query type filter didn’t work properly. When designing a report to export to a CSV file, and selecting between People and Custodians in filter Query type, option People would remain even if Custodians was selected.

Tracking code: LH-12865

  • On Questionnaire, in the following scenario:

    • Questionnaire Mandatory toggle was enabled.
    • The hold didn’t contain a questionnaire.
      We fixed the following behavior:
    • Notice Response page didn’t show a Submit button, and instead it showed that the Questionnaire was not filled yet.
    • The Questionnaire Response History displayed in the UI.

Tracking code: LH-12947

  • In the following Reports:

    • Custodial Collections by Hold
    • Non Custodial Collections by Hold
    • Questionnaire Analysis Report By Hold
    • Recipients By Hold

When a specific matter type was selected to filter data, the results disregarded filters on matter status and would display all active, released and unsent matters belonging to that matter type. 

Tracking code: LH-12639

  • We fixed some security issues.
    Tracking code: LH-12301, LH-12302, LH-13132, LH-13178

  • When creating a new hold, the Back and Continue buttons are missing at the Recipient(s) step. The buttons appear only when adding a new custodian.
    Tracking code: LH-12963

  • The values set on each hold for the select people custom fields are not displayed on the Custodian Reminder Email
    Tracking code: LH-12692

  • In the Notice Response Status, the pagination doesn’t work properly if a hold contains more than 10 custodians.
    Tracking code: LH-12961

  • The Preview Questionnaire View didn’t show questions that contained single or multi select questions

Tracking code: LH-12962

  • In the Notice Response page, if the user names a hold using the characters "(" or ")" the user interface crashes, and multiple elements display, turning the view into a mess, and others become un-clickable.

Tracking code: LH-12894

  • The Custodian Reminder Email Scheduled Task didn’t show the correct labels in the configuration settings in the following scenarios:

    • When the task ran the first Monday every 3 months, the label didn’t reflect that configuration.
    • When the task ran, the status didn’t display as Running.
    • The Run Now option was displayed at the time that the task was running. 

Tracking code: LH-12413

  • We resolved an issue with silent custodians not displaying courtesy copies to the legal staff and variables not resolving in the subject line.

Tracking code: LH-13088

  • We resolved an issue in the People Import process where an “Unknown Error” message was duplicated for validation on a duplicate person’s email or ID.

Tracking code: LH-13225

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