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Multiple parties may be associated to the same entity but entities cannot be associated to parties. Entities are a company or group of individuals, such as a labor union or class action grouping, associated with a matter. See Parties vs. Entities for further information.

Select Entities from the People tab to open a list of entities.

Entities Link

From the Entities page, click the name of an entity to view the entity's record.

The docs on file icon indicates that the entity has documents on file.

Entities Page

You can filter from the top right corner using the following links:

  • Use the alphabet filter to search by the first letter of the entity.
  • Click the List Retired button to display a list of entities that are no longer active.

Entities Sidebar Options:



Add Entity

Add an entity to the Lawtrac database.

Payments From

View all payments made from an entity.

Payments To

View all payments made to an entity.

Party Relationships

View entity to party relationships.


View actions involving entities.


Open a search bar.

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