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Breakdown: Fiscal Years

The Breakdown: Fiscal Years hyperlink provides you with a matter finance review. This screen displays core financial activity for the matter, including but not limited to actual year-to-date for both the current and prior year, and active budgets. Additionally, total amount spent by assigned firms/vendors is included. 

To view reserves organized by fiscal years in a bar chart, select Breakdown: Fiscal Years in the Reserves tab from the Finance Navigation Bar.

Breakdown: Fiscal Years Link

To edit a reserve:

  1. Click the calendar event icon.
    The information opens on the right.
  2. Change the classification and/or fiscal year by selecting an option from the drop-down list.
  3. Change the amount and/or reserve date by typing into the text boxes.
  4. Add any comments to the appropriate text field.
  5. Click Save Reserve Amount to keep changes, or click close_x to cancel and exit.

Select the trash can lg icon to delete the record.

Fiscal Year Breakdown

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