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Offers and Demands

To access a matter's offers and demands, select the Offers and Demands tab in the Finance Navigation Bar. The record list is displayed in chronological order (oldest first).

Note: If you do no see this section within the matter record, some of your Matter Financial permissions may be turned off in your user profile.

Finance: Offers and Demands

  • star—An acceptance date is associated to the record; hold your mouse pointer over the icon to see the date
  • offers and demands icon—Contains amounts conveyed by the party/entity (demands and counter offers)
  • magnifying glass—View details and edit the offer or demand

If there is more than one name listed, click on the name to refocus the list just for that party or entity. The opportunity to record a counter offer or delete the record is also available.

Note: If an offer has been accepted, a counter offer can not be recorded.

Offers and Demands

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