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Finance Summary-Overview

View outcome amount, invoices received, and an overview of finance by adversary and company.

The Finance Summary/Overview hyperlink in the Finance Navigation Bar provides you with a financial overview for the matter. For matters where the currency field is different than the base currency, the Matter Finance Summary screen displays both the base currency and foreign currency data.

Finance Summary/Overview Link

Click Edit to edit summary data. The top Edit hyperlink allows you to adjust recovery/payment amount and relief sought. The bottom Edit hyperlink allows you to adjust adversary and company finances.

Matter Finance Summary

If the selected matter record is using multiple currencies, there is an additional option next to the Edit hyperlink in the Overview section (shown below).

Click on the currency hyperlink to see Overview details in the adjusted rate; the currency conversion calculator appears at the bottom of the table. The hyperlink resets to the other type of currency being used by the matter, allowing you to switch between finance summaries.

Overview: View by Currency

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