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Hold Notices

Allows users to view all active holds initiated over the last 180 days.

The Hold Notices tab in Matters | Hold Administration allows users to view all active holds initiated over the last 180 days.

To view a list of hold notices, choose an administrator or category from the corresponding drop-down lists (or select Any/All), and click the calendar iconicons to adjust the time period. Click Search to load the list.

Click the matter number or name to view the matter hold details.


Set a Hold Message

From the details page, you can send a message to the matter lead attorney, or set a reminder or notice that will repeat on a schedule.

  1. Choose a type of message to send from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Add Message.
  3. Once it is created, select the hold_notices_hmfile_hash_eac883b2.png icon to choose the next send date, and set up a repeating schedule.

To create a new message for the Message Library tab of Hold Administration:

Under the Master Staff list, you have a variety of options:

  • View/Record Assets
    Click the Record an Asset button to view recorded assets or enter information for a new asset. Select a classification from the drop-down list, enter the file name, and use the radio buttons to select the type of format. Note: It is very important to enter the correct network location, or the file may not be accessible. 

    Click Save when all information has been entered.
  • Custom Hold Messages
    Click the Custom Hold Messages button to view or edit the message that appears as the primary hold notification.


  • Notification Recipients/Assets

This list of individuals includes those who have been added to a hold notice.

  1. Under the Score column, use the drop-down menu to define an individual's association, action, or knowledge with the matter.
    The information updates automatically upon selection.
  2. Click the hold_notices_trash_can.gif icon to delete the individual.
  3. Click Look-Up/Add to Hold to search for individuals already in hold recipients, parties, and key personnel.
    1. If you do not see the individual for whom you are searching, click Create a New Party Record. Click List to return to the Notification Recipients List.


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