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Editing a Vendor Relationship

Within a matter record, the Firms & Vendors tab lists all active law firms.

  1. Select the View/Edit Relationship icon (calendar event) to the right of the firm's name.
    View/Edit Relationship
  2. Change a firm or vendor's role within the matter by selecting the drop-box at the top and choose either Lead Role or Supporting Role.
    A firm with a lead role can edit basic matter information on the matter’s main screen such as city, state, basic dates and overall status of the matter.
  3. Click on the boxes to the left of each permission to add or delete exceptions.
  4. Select Save when changes have been made.
    Note: Permissions changed at the matter level do not override those set in the Admin Assignment Permissions screen.
    Update Role

Note: If your law firm or vendor is using Collaborati to submit invoices, it is best practice to manually sync Collaborati with Lawtrac directly after making changes to vendor/firm information so that they have the most up-to-date information available, even if you have the scheduled task set up to sync daily.

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