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INSZoom:-Client Age Out Report

This Overview demonstrates the process of client age out reports

Client Age Out Report

How can I receive a notification for a dependent's impending 21st birthday?


We don't have an alert; however, we've created an Age-Out report in Standard Reports.  To find the report:

  • Go to Reports>INSZoom Reports  
  • Select Management Reports
  • Locate the Client Age-Out Report

Note: If you do not see Management Reports as an option in the sub-menu, select the Advanced Options drop-down at the bottom of the menu and add Management Reports to your sub-menu.

Once the report renders, use the drop downs to select:

  • Population - All Corporations +/- individuals, a specific corporation or groups
  • Ageout-From Date
  • Ageout-To Date
  • Status - Active or Inactive
  • Get Report

If this is a report you'll use often, you should select Add to Favorite Reports; the report will appear on the Zoomboard "Favorite Reports" tile.

If you'd like to create an alert instead, click this link for instructions.

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