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INSZoom:-Reports 3.0 Video Tutorial

The Video Tutorial for Reports 3.0


Standard or Pre-made reports are often swamped with unnecessary information which does not provide the desired data results to decision makers. Case Administrators often resort to Adhoc reports that takes a little bit of time to prepare and tweak. Additional visuals such as graphs or tables are needed to be added in order to make presentations & information dissemination a lot more understandable - it also demands a lot of time to accomplish.

INSZoom has updated the Reporting Module and now has new and improved Reports and dashboards to manage your operations more effectively.

 Reports 3.0 offers:

  • Better dashboards and detailed reports for collaboration amongst different roles such as Partner/Manager, HR/Corporation user, and Paralegal/ Case Worker
  • Improved operational efficiency of firm and individual staff by providing key data points and status reports such as case load, case status, case management activities, etc.
  • Improved data visualization with tables, maps, charts, and graphs and ability to view all reports in one place
  • Ability to view the status and expiration by case manager, by corporation (for employment-based case), by case-type, within a time-period, etc.
  • Ability to easily customize, save and share reports with other case managers, HR/Corporation users


Click here to read more about the features of Reports 3.0