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INSZoom;- Adding Keywords to Letter Templates

This article will guide you with a step by step instructions for adding keywords to letter templates

Adding Keywords to Letter Templates



Letter Templates

Frequently-used letters can be uploaded to INSZoom with keywords (like merge fields) that automatically fill in client/case information. Only Super Users have access to upload letter templates.

Fields that are commonly used are Client Name, Spouse Name, Company Name, Petition Type, various addresses, dates and numbers.

Note: Although you may edit the letter in Word Online, it is easier to open the document in Word and then open the Refer Keywords tool to copy the codes needed. Once you’ve added all the merge codes, save the document, then upload it.

  • Open the document in Word
  • Open the Refer Keywords tool in INSZoom: Setup>Knowledgebase>Refer Keywords

  • Use the search tool in the refer keywords pop-up to identify the field from which you’re going to pull information.
  • Click on the code to copy it and paste it into the Word document.


  • Save your changes.
  • Upload it in the Letter Templates section of the Knowledgebase.
  • Click Setup/Knowledgebase.
  • Select Letter Templates (MSWord)
  • Click Add
  • Enter the name of the template. Be specific.
  • Optional: Enter a description
  • Click Browse or drag-and-drop the template into the drop zone.
  • Click Save.

When you compose email or generate letters in the Corporation, Client or Case modules, you can select the template and the specific data for the corporation, client or case will be merged into the email/letter.