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INSZoom:- Add/Create Petition Template

This article will guide you on how to take advantage of one of INSZoom's best features: Petition Templates.

Add/Create Petition Template


Petition templates are one of the most utilized features of the Knowledge Base in INSZoom. These templates allow firms to customize a petition to include specific forms, questionnaires and docs checklist. There is a high level of customization available within a petition template, such as: reminders and steps can be configured, fees associated with the case, letter templates added and much more.


First, navigate to the Knowledge Base ('Setup' >> 'Knowledge Base'). This will open into the Knowledge Base with the main page showing all available petition templates. Some of these are 'Zoom Petition Templates' (templates created and provided by INSZoom) and 'Firm Petition Templates', which are any firm-created petition templates. Click 'Add':

Enter in the 'Petition Template Name', 'Petition Name' and 'Petition Type'. Other petition details can be entered as necessary. For 'Petition Type' - If ‘Family Based’ is chosen, a new checkbox will appear with the label ‘Case for Beneficiary.’ If this is a case that will be opened under the Beneficiary, this box should be checked:


Next, this will take you to the ‘View Petition Details’ page - all of the options for the new petition will be in the left menu. Click on 'Forms' to add/customize forms to the petition. This will take you to the 'Petition Forms' page:

Here, you can either copy all the forms from another petition, or select to add individual forms via the 'Attach Form's option. This can be done for the primary beneficiary and/or for their relatives:


The same principles apply for questionnaires. Select 'Questionnaire(s)' in the left menu where you can either copy, or add individual, questionnaires for the company, individual, or individual's relatives:

You can also customize the 'Docs Checklist'. This allows you create the list of documents you'll need to collect from the beneficiary, and from their employer (if employment-based). You can create the list from scratch, or copy it over from an existing zoom or firm petition, and specify whether each document is required or optional:

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