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INSZoom - Create Invoice Templates

This Overview demonstrates the process of creating a Invoice Template in INSZoom Application.

Create Invoice Templates

Here's how to create a Fee/Invoice Template. These templates can be used to invoice/bill your clients in the Billing Module.


Navigate to 'Billing' in the main left menu.

Choose 'Fee Items List' in the left menu under 'Billing Templates'. Choose ‘Add New Fee Item.’ Add any fee items that will be used in your invoices.

Next choose 'Payment Terms Templates'. Choose ‘Add New Payment Terms.’ Add the required fields and click ‘Save.’

Next click on the link titled Fee Template. Click ‘Add New Fee Template.’ Enter the description and click ‘Save.’

Once you click ‘Save,’ you will be redirected to the list of groups attach the template to. Select what groups you want to add and click ‘Save.’

This will now bring you to the View Invoice Fee Template section. Click ‘Attach Items' and select the fee items you want to attach to this invoice template.

The fee template will be listed in your application.

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