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INSZoom:-Setting Up the Billing Module

This article will guide you on how to Set up Billing Module

Setting Up the Billing Module

Use Billing to manage and track income and expenses for cases



If you decide to use the billing module, most of the setup is done from inside the module.Here are the settings you should create before you begin using this module:


Navigation: Billing>4. Setup 

General Settings

  • Request View Receipt - receive alerts if your Client has viewed/edited the Emailed invoices in the access period
  • Authorize Online Payment - allow your Client to make online payments for invoices
  • Uploaded Logos for Invoices - Upload organization logo for invoice templates
  • Access Rights to Billing Databases - set access rights to the billing database for the firm.
  • Invoice Layout - choose from two layouts for single- or double-window envelopes

Hourly Rates

Set the hourly rates for each of your case managers and vendor case managers (if applicable). This is used in conjunction with timers in the Forms workspace.


Users may semi-customize the user invoice number prefix and suffix. While creating an invoice, the user invoice number will be generated as (prefix+suffix).

After an invoice number is generated, the suffix will be incremented by 1 so that no two invoices will have the same user invoice number.

  • Invoice Number Prefix -
  • Invoice Number Suffix -

Default Access Period for Emailed Invoices - Number of days clients can access emailed invoices for payment

Invoice Payment Details – Used to set up the Invoice Due from Payment Plan template. If enabled, restricts the ability to edit the payment date on an invoice.

Update next due date and Pay Now from Payment Plan - setup the Invoice Due from payment plan for your Firm. You can edit the Invoice Due from payment plan.

Allow editing payment date - yes or no option,

 Notifications and Alerts

Dates to generate periodical statements - Depending on the date setup here, the Firm associates will receive the periodical billing statements on these dates of every month.

Invoice Payer Address Alert – Yes or No option; if enabled, presents an alert if the payer address is changed

Invoice Alerts for client:

Advanced Notification: If enabled, set up the number of daysprior to a due date to send a notification to a client.Overdue Notification: If enabled, set up the intervals afterthe due date to send overdue notifications to a client

Email Notifications: Set up notifications for yourself when:

An invoice is editedAn invoice is deletedAn online payment is received (only ifsubscribed to online payments)

Invoice Alert (Staff)

Advance Notification – Set upnotification intervals in advance of a payment due date.Overdue Notification – Set upnotification intervals if a payment is overdue.


Payment Options - Accept Select the cards your organization will accept as payment:

American Express


Master Card

Visa Card


For detailed instructions to set up fee items, payment terms, fee templates and invoices, see the Billing Templates module

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