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INSZoom: Online Payments Gateway Integration using Authorize.NET

INSZoom provides integration for third party credit card merchant tools that can help your clients pay online and track payment records via

What does it offer?

Authorize.Net ( is a provider of payment gateway services managing the submission of billions of transactions to processing networks on behalf of merchant customers. Authorize.Net helps makes it simple to accept electronic payments.

INSZoom seamlessly connects to Authorize.Net gateway making it simple to accept online payments for the invoices. Using the INSZoom Billing module you can request customers to pay online or you can process it online over a phone call with a customer.

How to set up?

1.Purchase your Merchant Account using only.

2. Log on the your Authorize.Net online account using

3. After logging on, go to the right corner of the screen and click on "Account."


4. Go to the right corner of the screen under "Security Settings" and click on "API Login ID & Transaction Key."


5. Please make note of these points:

- Make note of your API Login ID

- You should have received your transaction key during the activation. If you don't have one, please generate it here.

- The transaction key provided by Authorize.Net will expire in 24 hours if not used immediately.

- The transaction key provided by Authorize.Net will be void if you try to update the wrong key after 3 tries.

-  Any time you generate a new transaction key, please do not forget to disable the old one from the Authorize.Net main login page.


6. Click on "Payment Form" as shown in the screenshot below.



7. Click on "Form Fields" and then make sure that all required fields are unchecked. If this is not done, all transactions will get declined.

8. Once the above steps are completed, please send an email to to enable the Authorize.Net merchant gateway tool for your application. You will be charged a one time setup fee of $499.00 by INSZoom for integrating the tool with your CMS application. You can also request a subscription via Setup >> Subscriptions >> Online Payments.

9. INSZoom will work with Authorize.Net to build necessary API for your account in integrating the fields with INSZoom fields. The INSZoom Accounts department will send you a confirmation email once the services are enabled. You will get a new payment options page in your CMS tool.

10. Log in to INSZoom and go to Setup > Subscriptions.

11. Enter the information you have captured from Authorize.Net

- API Login ID

- Transaction Key

- 3D Security PIN is only applicable if you have bought third party security settings on your merchant account.

NOTE: The API and Transaction Key act as authentication in case you don't have a 3D Security PIN enabled for your merchant account. So, just input the Transaction Key again.

12. Test your account using dummy cards. All your transactions should get declined with an appropriate reason code. For reason codes, please check the Authorize.Net official website.

Dummy Cards

  • 370000000000002..... American Express
  • 6011000000000012..... Discover
  • 5424000000000015..... MasterCard
  • 4007000000000027..... Visa Card
  • 4222222222222222..... Visa Card

There is also a test credit card number that can be used to generate errors. THIS CARD IS INTENDED TO PRODUCE ERRORS, and should only be used if that is the intent.

To cause the system to generate a specific error, set the account to Test Mode and submit a transaction with the card number 4222222222222. The system will return the response reason code equal to the amount of the submitted transaction. For example, to test response reason code number 27, a test transaction would be submitted with the credit card number, “4222222222222,” and the amount."


NOTE: All Case Managers who have access to the accounting database will receive an email alert whenever a payment is made through 


How to use?

While emailing the invoice to your client, provide access for online payment. In email invoice screen, there is an option “Authorize Online Payment”. Select the payment method to authorize:  

Once the client makes the payment, it is logged in Authorize.Net as well as in INSZoom > Invoice > Payment History section.

Alternatively, case manager can also accept the payment directly from Invoice > Accept Credit Card section. It allows you to choose Authorize.Net as payment gateway.