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3.13 Release Notes

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Issue: If a Firm submits an XML LEDES file with "charge_type = F" (or Fixed) for an invoice line item, Collaborati will allow the Fixed rate line item to override the unit x rate calculation. On the Client side, the line item totals are validated against the rules and rates in the Client system. If the Client system does not recognize charge_type = F errors will be thrown on the invoice. It makes it appear that the calculations on the Collaborati side were wrong causing a discrepancy between the systems. Not all Clients want charge_type = F invoices to be allowed. There is a new setting in Collaborati to enable or disable LEDES invoices with charge_type = F.
Additional Information: There is a new Client Setting: Enable LEDES Invoices with charge_type = F. Only the M-Admin can edit this. A Firm Admin can view the setting but not edit it. The setting defaults to Off. If a Firm uploads an invoice with charge_type = F for a client that doesn't have the setting enabled, then they should receive an error message: "Invoices with charge type = F are not enabled for this Client"
Internal Tracking Code: COLL-12136
Case Number: 2019-0913-553737


Enhancement: CSM sync will populate the Home Office information 
Additional Information:
The sync will populate the Home Office from Collaborati to CSM on a Timekeeper if a Home Office exists for that Timekeeper and if the Home Office Timekeeper profile has been authorized.
Tracking Code: COLL-11608

Enhancement: Collaborati synchronization API has been updated to send fiscal year start date
Additional Information: Fiscal year start date should be synced from Collaborati to TeamConnect with a Firm is mapped to CSM for the first time. If the value for the fiscal year start date is updated in Collaborati, the updated value should be synced to TeamConnect.
Tracking Code: COLL-11614

Enhancement: For a single office Firm, when a new Timekeeper is added either manually or through bulk upload, the home office should be pre-populated with the only Firm Office.
Additional Information: When using bulk upload, if the home office field was left blank, the user should not get an error. Instead Collaborati should correctly populate the home office field with the Firm's only Office. If the wrong home office is input into that field, in the case of a single firm office, Collaborati should automatically correct the home office to the only Firm Office for that Firm.
Tracking Code: COLL-12351

Enhancement: Copyright date has been updated in Collaborati to 2020
Tracking Code: COLL-12433

Enhancement: Timekeeper Home Office field is no longer a required field.
Tracking Code: COLL-13397

Enhancement: For firms with a single office, the Timekeeper Home Office field is now pre-populated according to the only available option.

Additional Information: During manual timekeeper creation, the single Firm Office will be selected by default. During bulk Timekeeper upload, this value will be set automatically regardless of whether the Home Office column in the import file is blank or misspelled. A status warning will be displayed after file upload to indicate whether a Timekeeper was created or modified, and if the Home Office was populated.
Tracking Code: COLL-12856

Enhancement: The fields Bank Routing Number and Account Number will be encrypted in the Collaborati database. They will not be encrypted or obscured in the user interface.

Tracking Code: COLL-12806

Enhancement: Warning for Invoices uploaded with more than 1000 line items in Collaborati

Additional Information: When a user uploads an invoice with the number of line items greater than or equal to 1000, provide a warning message to the user that says "WARNING - Invoices with greater than 1000 line items may take longer to load and process. Mitratech recommends invoice submissions with fewer than 1,000 line items." This only applies to File Upload of an Invoice. It does not apply to manual invoice creation. Users don't have to submit the invoice but the can choose to submit the invoice anyway.
Tracking Code: COLL-13079

Support for specific firm fiscal year start dates   

Firm Administrators can now set a specific Firm Fiscal Year start date. The UI has been updated in CSM and Collaborati to display the new value.

Enhancement: Firm Administrators can now set a fiscal year start date on the Firm Profile.
Tracking Code: COLL-11634

Enhancement: Updated UI for new firm creation to include Fiscal Year Start Date.
Tracking Code: COLL-11612

Timekeeper default classification set to null

Timekeeper Classification now has a default value of null (in previous versions, classification defaulted to "Partner"). Firm Administrators will be required to select a valid classification from the selection menu when creating a new Timekeeper.

Tracking Code: COLL-12575

Updated rules to support firm offices without a zip code or tax ID number

To improve support for firm offices in locations where zip code or tax ID does not apply, Firm Administrators may now select a checkbox to set those fields as 'not applicable' on the Add Vendor and Vendor Profile screens. Validation for the rule “Zip Code and Tax ID cannot be the same” has been relaxed so that both fields can be set to N/A for offices with no zip code or tax ID number.

Tracking Code: COLL-12137

Timekeeper export with detailed fields

Bulk export of timekeeper records to CSV is now available from the Timekeepers tab. Options are provided to export additional columns for 'Associated Clients' and/or 'Associated Vendors'. The resulting data is based on the current search filter.The output file is fully compatible with the Timekeeper Import file, making it easier for firm admins to quickly filter for duplicate timekeepers, perform bulk edits, and easily re-upload the file.

  • This enhancement includes the capability to export results beyond the previous limit of 1000 records.
  • For a full explanation of all exported fields, refer to The Timekeeper Upload File Explained in the Success Center

Tracking codeCOLL-12432

Firm Timekeeper Records

Firm Timekeeper Profiles for Multi-Office Firms- provides users with a singular view, summarizing all Office Timekeeper profiles and rates (with identified Home Office Rates and lists active rates per Office).

Enhancement: Replace the word "Vendor" with "Office" everywhere in Collaborati
Tracking Code: COLL-12772

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