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View a Rate Request

To search for a Rate Request

Hover over “Timekeepers” in the top menu bar

  • Click “Rate Requests”  
  • Choose the correct Office (this screen will show all the Office's Rate Requests and their status depending upon the Search filters)

MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

The Rate Requests table displays these columns

  • Client Updated: Displays when the Rate Request is updated by the Client and the icon indicates that the updated Rate Request has not been visited by the User.
  • Request Name: Displays the name for Rate Request.
  • Request Date: Displays the date of the Rate Request
  • Comments: Displays the comment(s), for the Rate Request.
  • Client: Displays the name of the Client.
  • Requested By: Displays the name of a user who requested the Rate Request.
  • Date of Status Change: Displays the modified date of the Rate Request.
  • Request Status: Displays the status of the Request.
  • Actions: Enables the user to delete the record.

To review the details of the Rate Request

  • Click on the a Rate Request in the Request Name column

Each rate request has a Status. The possible status values and their meanings can be found here.

To learn how to edit the details of a rate request, see How do I edit and submit a rate request? To produce a different set of search results, see How do I search for rate requests?

Note: Clients are able to approve or reject a rate requests in its entirety (i.e. a collection of submitted rate codes), or per code/line item. If rejected, the rate request is sent back to Collaborati for review.  A new rate request will need to be submitted. 

Rates that are accepted must be approved at the line item level and also at the rate request level

Example 1:

If a Rate Request has the status of "Rejected" (even if any line items show as "Approved") then none of the rates are approved.

EB - ViewRR.png

Example 2:

If a Rate Request has the status of "Approved", but one or more line items are "Rejected" then only the rejected rate items are not approved.

EB - ViewRR2.png

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