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How to Submit Rate Requests

Rate requests are requests you submit to a client to propose hourly rates. You can submit multiple rates in one request.

After you submit a rate request, the client's system must sync to Collaborati for the client to receive the request. When the client's system receives a request, the client can approve, with or without proposing another rate, or reject the request.

Note: You can submit rate requests to a client if you have Administrator rights and if rate collaboration is enabled for your client. If rate collaboration is not enabled for your client, you cannot create rate requests.

For more information about how to submit rate requests (with example screenshots), click here.

For information about Timekeepers with Rates, click here

To view an existing request

  1. Hover over the "Timekeepers" in the top menu bar.
  2. Click on "Rate Requests".
  3. Select the "Office". If requests already exist, you can see a list of created or uploaded requests.
  4. Under the Request Name column, click the link for the rate request you want to view. Refer to the Rate Request Fields table (below) for more information about each field and possible ways to View a Rate Request.
  5. Click "Done" to return to the list of all rate requests. From this page, you can also Delete and Submit a request.

Rate request fields

Field/Column Name



The name of the Office associated with the rate(s).

Rate Request Descriptive name of the request.


The name of the client, which cannot change after you save the request.

Request Date

The date you submit the request.

Requested By

The name of the user who enters the rate request.


see below for a complete list of rate request statuses


Comments the client receives from the office with the rate request submission.

Client Comments

Comments the client sends to the office after reviewing the request.

Item No

The line item number of the rate.


The name of the timekeeper associated with the rate.


One of the following types of rates:

  • Timekeeper rate—The rate for the timekeeper.
  • Invoice task rate—The rate for the timekeeper for a specific task.
  • Office rate—The rate for the office for a specific task or timekeeper classification. If the rate applies to a timekeeper classification, the field includes the classification type.

Task Code

The code for a task. Only rows with a Type of Invoice task rate or a Office rate for a task include task codes.

Matter (Optional) The matter number applied to a matter specific rate.


The type of currency.

Proposed Rate

The amount the rate request proposes per hour.

Client Rate

The amount the client entered for the rate after reviewing the rate request. The field displays Rejected if the client rejected the rate item.

The field displays as Not Available, if the Current column says Invalid Rate Item on the Client system.

State Date

The start date for this rate.

End Date

The end date for the rate.


Notes the client receives from the office for the rate.

Client Note

Notes the client sends to the office after reviewing the rate.

Rate Request Status

Rate Request Status


What does it mean/what to do

Not Submitted The rate request has been created but not submitted. The client does not see a request until you submit it. Click Submit from the Rates Request page to submit a request.
Pending Client Retrieval The rate request has been submitted, but the client has not viewed it. Client should normally receive your rate requests shortly.  If this status lasts more than a few hours, contact Mitratech Support
Pending Client Approval The client has received the request that you submitted, and is reviewing. You can view the status change of your rate request later, or contact your client to check on the progress of the approval process.
Approved The client has approved the overall rate request. There may be adjusted rates or rejected rates.  Review the rate request details for more information.
Rejected The client has rejected the overall rate request. You can click on the Rate Request to view the details (such as rejection reason).  Create a new rate request to submit new rates.
Canceled (Pending Client Synchronization) Cancellation is pending until the client's system syncs with Collaborati. You can view the status change of your rate request later.
Canceled The cancellation status has synced with the client's system. The rate request can be reviewed or deleted or submitted.
Error An error can occur after the client approves the request if something in the request conflicts with the client's system. After an error occurs, the client can update the system and approve the request again, or you can cancel the request.

To submit rates to be approved

You can submit rate requests in one of two ways from the list of requests on the Rate Requests page:

  • Under the Actions column, click "Submit".
  • Click the Request Name to review all the information for a request. From this page, click the "Submit" button.

To cancel rate requests

  1. From the Rate Requests page, search for the request you want to cancel.
  2. Click "Cancel" in the Actions column.

Note: You can only cancel rate requests if the client has not approved or rejected the request. If the status of the request is Pending Client Retrieval when you cancel, the client does not receive the request. If the status is Pending Client Approval, the request updates with a cancellation status after the client's system syncs with Collaborati.

To delete rate requests

  1. From the Rate Requests page, search for the request you want to delete.
  2. Click "Delete" in the Actions column.

Note: You can only delete rate requests if the status is Approved, Rejected, Canceled, or Error.

To Track Rate Requests from Multiple Offices

  1. From the Rate Requests page, Click on the “Select Office” drop down menu.
  2. Hold the “Ctrl” key and Select each office you want to track rate requests from, then Click outside the drop-down to perform the search.

To Track Rate Requests across All Offices in your Firm

  • To track all rate requests in your Firm, click on the “Select Office” drop down menu at the top of the Rate Requests page. This will open a menu that lists each individual office within your Firm Structure. Select the “All Offices” Option at the top of the list.


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