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Timekeeper With Rates

When you want to add new timekeepers to Collaborati, it's possible to add the timekeepers and rates together using the Timekeepers with Rates page.

To add or upload new timekeeper(s) with rates, navigate to Timekeepers >  Timekeepers with Rates on the global menu bar. You can submit timekeeper information along with rate items in two ways:

1) Add Timekeeper with Rates manually

2) Upload Timekeepers with Rates

Note: To assign existing Timekeepers to a new client, we suggest using a different option:
(1) use the Timekeeper profile page to add a new client or a new office
(2) use the Client's Timekeeper page to assign a Timekeeper
(3) use the Upload Timekeeper option to assign one client to one or more offices.

Search Filters

To optimize the search results, we have the search filters available to filter and check the status of client authorization for the timekeeper information along with rates items submitted.

Note: When navigating from the "Timekeeper with Rates" landing page to an individual Timekeeper profile record, the "Office" search filter persists from the landing page and is applied to the rates to be displayed on the Timekeeper profile record. To ensure all rates will be displayed on the rate page of the Timekeeper profile, update the "Offices" search filter on the "Timekeeper with Rates" landing page to equal "All Offices" prior to clicking on a Timekeeper profile record.


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