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Preview Invoices in the Uploaded File

You can preview invoices that have been successfully uploaded (see How do I upload invoices?) from the Recent Activity table, which can be found on the Upload Invoices screen.

  1. Click on the file name of the file you wish to preview.
    The File Preview screen displays, showing a summary of all invoices contained in your uploaded file, in sequence by invoice number.
  2. If there were warnings or submission errors associated with an invoice, click the View Warnings or File Error link to view a summary, or to download the erroneous invoices.
  3. You will see a drop-down selection available to mark an individual invoice as a Standard, Credit Note, Accrual, or Shadow invoice, as well as to provide a reference number for a Credit Note or Shadow Invoice (if needed). Make any necessary changes to invoice type and reference number.
  4. Click on the invoice number of any invoice to view individual invoice details or add attachments (see How do I attach documents to my uploaded invoice?) to your invoice.
  5. You can submit your file to the client from here by clicking the Submit Invoices button in the top right corner of the screen, or by returning to the Upload Invoices screen (see How do I submit uploaded invoices?).

If the invoice file does not contain the invoices you want to submit to the client, you can delete all invoices in the file by clicking on the Delete File button in the upper right side of the screen.

The following warnings and errors could display in the Recent Activity table.

  • If there was an issue with data validation or missing data for every invoice in an uploaded file, the File Status displays a File Error link. If there were issues with only some of the invoices in an uploaded file and other invoices had no issues, the File Status displays an Errors link instead. See the error message descriptions in Troubleshooting Uploaded Invoices.
  • If there was a non-critical data issue for an uploaded file, the File Status displays Ready to Submit and the File Name displays a warning icon (yellow exclamation point) with a file name hyperlink. See the warning message descriptions in Troubleshooting Uploaded Invoices.
  • If there was an issue with submitting the uploaded file to the client, the File Status displays a File Error link or an Errors link, and the File Name displays an error icon (red exclamation point) with a file name hyperlink. Invoice submission errors usually occur when an invoice has been saved and a client has changed invoice-related codes that were validated correctly at file upload time. See the error message descriptions in Troubleshooting Uploaded Invoices.
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