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Submit Uploaded Invoices

If your file upload (see How do I upload invoices?) was successful and the "Submit invoices directly to the client without previewing" checkbox was not selected, the file status in the Recent Activity table will change to "Ready to Submit" (see the File Status Details table). You can submit invoices by either:

  • Clicking on the Submit Invoices button that appears next to the File Status to submit your invoices.
  • Clicking on the File Name to preview your invoices before submission and submitting invoices from the File Preview screen.

If you upload an invoice with the number of line items greater than or equal to 1000, a warning message will appear that says "WARNING - Invoices with greater than 1000 line items may take longer to load and process. Mitratech recommends invoice submissions with fewer than 1,000 line items." This only applies to File Upload of an Invoice. It does not apply to manual invoice creation. You don't have to submit the invoice but you can choose to submit the invoice anyway. If "submit invoice directly to the client without previewing" is checked, this warning message will not appear.

Note: If any of your uploaded invoices should be classified as non-standard, you should use the File Preview screen to change the invoice types for those invoices before submitting. For details, see How do I upload Credit Notes, Accruals, and Shadow Invoices using LEDES files?.

  • Clicking on the Submit button next to any invoice from the file that you wish to submit from the Tracking Invoices screen. This opens the File Preview screen (for uploaded invoices). Click the Submit Invoices button.
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