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Upload Credit Notes, Accruals and Shadow Invoices Using LEDES Files

Collaborati supports submission of the following non-standard invoice types:

  • Credit Notes - Intended for cases when the you need to make a price adjustment in the client's favor. Credit Note has an optional additional field, Reference Number, which could be used to reference it to an original invoice for which the credit is being submitted.
  • Accruals - These invoices are intended to provide early forecast information, not to be actually paid.
  • Shadow invoices - This invoice type is used when the client will not be paying based on the actual work performed, but still needs to see a detailed invoice of actual work performed (for analytical purposes, not for payment). Reference Number can be used optionally with a shadow invoice if that shadow invoice refers to a separate, standard invoice.

To upload non-standard invoices using a LEDES format

  1. Proceed as with uploading standard invoices. In the upload page, choose the invoice type that fits most or all of the invoices in the file.
  2. After upload, do not submit the file immediately. Instead, use the Preview page to make any necessary changes to invoice types and reference numbers (see How do I preview invoices in my uploaded file?) Then submit the file.

If you want to specify a non-standard invoice type but it doesn't show in the invoice type dropdown, contact your client and report the problem.

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