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Initiate a Workflow

This page introduces the different ways to initiate an Event Workflow and details how to configure them.

Initiation Options

There are three different options for configuring Workflow initiations.

Initiation Options


Auto-initiate by Form

Most common configuration. Auto-initiate a Workflow based on the Form that is used.

Auto-initiate by Type or Category

Auto-initiate a Workflow based on a Type or Category of event that occurs (such as an incident).

Manually initiate a Workflow

Not encouraged. If there is not an auto-initiate option selected, then the Workflow relies on a user to manually click an ICWS response.



There are two triggers to consider when in the Create New / Edit Workflow screen. The triggers are dependent on each other, and auto-initiate starts as soon as the Form and Type/Category triggers are activated.

  • Trigger 1: Form - A Workflow will be initiated if a specific Form is opened.



  • Trigger 2: Type/Category - A Workflow will initiate if the defined event Type or Category is selected.




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