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Initiate a Workflow

This page introduces the different ways to initiate an Event Workflow and details how to configure them.

Initiation Options

There are three different options for configuring Workflow initiations:

Initiation Options


Auto-initiate by Form

Most common configuration. Auto-initiate a Workflow based on the Form that is used.

Auto-initiate by Type or Category

Auto-initiate a Workflow based on a Type or Category of event that occurs (such as an incident).

Manually initiate a Workflow

Not encouraged. If there is not an auto-initiate option selected, then the Workflow relies on a user to manually click an ICWS response.



There are two triggers to consider when in the Create New / Edit Workflow screen. The triggers are dependent on each other, and auto-initiate starts as soon as the Form and Type/Category triggers are activated.

  • Trigger 1: Form - A Workflow will be initiated if a specific Form is opened.



  • Trigger 2: Type/Category - A Workflow will initiate if the defined event Type or Category is selected.





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